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Global Long Term Development Partner Since 2019

For the last 4 years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with companies and startups from different industries, managing the product development journey for our customers.

Your long-term development partner is Exnoremo.

Strengthening Your Project with a Startup Mentality

By embracing the startup ethos, we remain at the forefront of the entrepreneurial landscape by constantly integrating new trends and technologies.

Our work

Our work

Case Study
Technological revolution in industrial machinery

In our platform for businessmen trading industrial machinery, we have brought together machinery buying and selling, technical service network for machinery, machinery tenders and much more.

Exnoremo Case Study
Digital workshop with virtual reality experience

We set out to enable workshops to work interactively with people from all over the world with virtual reality, regardless of distance.

Exnoremo Project
Artificial intelligence-supported learning companion: LearnMate

We put an end to the difficulties on the path to learning.

Exnoremo Works
Say hello to free accommodation

Are you ready to experience free accommodation throughout Europe?

“We are pleased to work on a long-term software partnership for our company, Car Rental Gateway.”

Illia Kushnir, Car Rental Gateway

“It is a team that guides us for the digital transformation of our company and increases the efficiency of our business. ”

Hüseyin Dereli, Idyma Tiny House

“Exnoremo is a digital transformation team we want to see at DevTernity 2023 and we would be happy to invite you too.”

Julija Kirsina, Coding Unicorn

“We are happy to work with Exnoremo, a team specialized in web development.”

Melike Etik, Pera Human Resources

“A dynamic, agile and expert team we have been working with for a long time.”

Metin Kartal, BiKonu
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We are happy to answer your questions and help you determine which of our services best suit your needs.

Celal Bayar University Technology Development Zone No:22 Z-15 Yunusemre/Manisa

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